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What You Need To Know About Trucking Accidents

If you have been involved in a trucking accident and sustained injuries, the attorneys at Tuttle Law, P.A., will aggressively fight for you. We will use our vast knowledge and understanding of Florida accident and personal injury law to protect your legal rights and obtain the maximum financial compensation allowable under the law.

 Trucking Accidents Are A Different Animal

Accidents involving trucks are very different than passenger car accidents. First of all, many commercial trucks weigh close to, if not more than, 80,000 pounds when they are completely loaded with cargo. The average passenger car weighs 3,000 pounds. A truck doesn’t have to be traveling that fast upon impact to cause serious damage and injury. Additionally, if the cargo the truck is hauling is dangerous and it explodes or leaks as a result of the accident, then damages and injuries could increase rapidly. Large commercial trucks are also more likely to jackknife on the road in an attempt to avoid an accident. They are also capable of more accidents while making turns because of their length and size. Some other factors that lead to trucking accidents include:

  • Insufficient training with regard to safely operating a large vehicle
  • Unreasonable driving schedules that require truck drivers to spend excessive hours on the road
  • Impossible compensation programs that inspire truck drivers to speed

The lawyers practicing at Tuttle Law, P.A., are skilled and ready to litigate your trucking accident case. We are fluent in the Florida laws governing personal injury and trucking accidents and will fight to protect your rights. You can count on us to seek the maximum financial compensation allowable under Florida law to cover your injury-related medical expenses.

18-Wheelers Pose Many Dangers

At any given time of the day, 18-wheelers and semitrucks can be seen driving along Florida highways and roadways. The enormous size and weight of 18-wheelers, not to mention any potentially dangerous cargo they may be hauling, pose many dangers to other motorists. Many accidents between passenger cars and 18-wheelers are due to the passenger car driver not being aware of the 18-wheeler’s driving limits and abilities. There are many scenarios that lead to accidents with 18-wheelers and they include:

  • Passenger car drivers remaining in the 18-wheelers’ “blind” spots, which include directly behind the truck or alongside it
  • Making a quick lane change in front of the 18-wheeler
  • Getting in the way of the 18-wheeler making a turn
  • Inaccurate calculation of 18-wheeler’s speed and making a left-hand turn in front of it
  • Unsafe merging into moving traffic resulting in 18-wheeler having to move fast or brake
  • Not slowing down or accelerating when an 18-wheeler switches lanes or merges into another lane
  • Positioning your car directly between two 18-wheelers
  • Passing an 18-wheeler and then being distracted by the air pressure caused by the 18-wheeler

Unfortunately, if you drive on Florida roads and highways you must share them with commercial trucks of all sizes carrying all kinds of cargo. Make sure you are aware of the inherent limitations and capabilities of these large vehicles so you can prevent a serious accident.

 Trucking Accident Legal Help

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, the experienced accidental injury attorneys at Tuttle Law, P.A., are ready to fight to protect your legal rights and seek compensation for your injuries. We have the experience and legal acumen to litigate this very specialized area of accident law to your benefit. To schedule your initial consultation, call us at 772-563-0032 or fill out our quick contact web form. We welcome the opportunity to file a personal injury claim on your behalf and work toward achieving your compensation goals.


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