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Few Injuries Are As Life-Changing As A Traumatic Brain Injury 

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur in a wide variety of circumstances, from seemingly trivial falls to catastrophic car accidents. They can occur with children involved in recreational activities and sports, and the elderly falling on an uneven sidewalk.

A traumatic brain injury can leave a person profoundly change in a coma or with subtle changes to their personality and their ability to function. Our attorneys at Tuttle Law, P.A., understand the severity of these injuries, and they will vigorously work to recover compensation that will allow you to obtain the medical care you need.

A Significant Number Of TBI Are A Result Of Car And Truck Crashes

While many newer vehicles have numerous safety features that have reduced the likelihood of some of these injuries, the enormous forces imparted to occupants inside a vehicle during a collision still lead to many people suffering concussions and TBIs. When these motor vehicle crashes are severe, the injuries are significant and life-changing.

You Want A Thorough Medical Exam

In some collisions, you may think you are okay, even if you suffered a blow to the head. You may think you don’t need to see a doctor; it was just a minor crash and you may have blacked out, but you feel fine now. Don’t make this mistake. Concussions can cause a serious traumatic brain injury, even if your head does not appear to be seriously injured. Traumatic brain injuries are caused by the brain striking the inside of the skull.

It is essential that you have a complete examination, to accurately document your condition and to ensure that doctors can observe your behavior and to look for any symptoms of a TBI. These types of concussions can lead to problems later, such as loss of an ability to concentrate, short- or long-term memory loss, and changes to your personality or behavior.

Subtle Behavioral Changes May Indicate A TBI

If you dismiss a potential TBI, and then these symptoms develop to the point where you cannot hold a job or your partner finds you behaving oddly, you may have no recourse, having failed to have an adequate medical exam and having allowed the statute of limitations to expire on your claim. Our attorneys can explain the law, your time limits, the type of medical examination you should have and answer any questions you may have concerning these very serious injuries.

If you have suffered a blow to the head, whether sports-related, from a car crash or due to a fall, our lawyers can help. Call our Vero Beach office to make an appointment at 772-571-4441 or complete our convenient online form.