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No One Plans For A Car Accident

Whether you are visiting Vero Beach or are a lifelong resident of Florida, no one gets into their car expecting to be involved in a collision or crash. An accident involving a vehicle can leave you with severe injuries, and you may be confused about how to proceed.

Our attorneys at Tuttle Law, P.A., can help. We have helped hundreds of injured people recover compensation after they have been hurt by another driver’s negligence.

You Need An Experienced Guide

After a crash you, your first priority is to have your medical needs attended to, both to protect your health and document your condition after the crash. If possible, you should collect any and all evidence from the scene of the crash, including photos of the vehicles, their damage and alignment on the road.

Photos of the condition of the road, and any obstructions, like large trucks, trees, signs or buildings, are also valuable. You should also obtain a copy of the police report, and all contact and insurance information from the other’s involved.

Preparation Necessary For Successful Claims

Motor vehicle accident cases can be complex. The earlier you speak with an attorney, the stronger the case we can build. If you have been injured, the injuries could affect you for the rest of your life. There are deadlines for filing that can bar your claim from ever being satisfied.

And when you work with insurance companies, you are dealing with professionals who work with these claims every day. It may be the first time you have ever had to make such a claim. And you need to keep in mind, much of their job is to minimize or deny your claim. You can see why it is important to have your own representative who can strongly make your case and ensure your rights to compensation are protected.

Our lawyers are experienced in these cases. We know how to build a compelling case from the evidence. We can help you document your injuries and your medical care, as well as see that your claims are filed correctly and on time. If you were injured in car or motor vehicle crash, our lawyers can help. Call our Vero Beach office to make an appointment at 772-563-0032 or use our online contact form.