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Ransomware is a type of software that prevents or limits users from accessing their own system by encrypting the system files, locking the system files, or locking the system screen. The hackers that create this software will only release your system back to you if...

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Technology in Cars

Self-driving cars are outfitted with lasers, cameras, and GPS technology to navigate and sense the environment without human input. The idea being that these cars, equipped with amplified awareness, can make better decisions on how to travel the roadways than humans...

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State Farm v. Gold

State Farm v. Gold January 27, 2016 4th DCA Impermissible UM Statements A recent decision from the 4th DCA is a setback for all car accident victims. The decision was rendered in State Farm v. Gold, 41 Fla. Law Weekly D257 (Fla. 4TH DCA January 27, 2016), a case out...

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Maniglia v. Carpenter

Maniglia v. Carpenter November 4, 2015 3rd DCA Improper Evidence Exclusion The 3rd DCA recently held that a trial court wrongly excluded evidence of a Plaintiff’s drunken golf cart ride and subsequent police brawl. In September 2009, a vehicle driven by Maniglia and a...

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