When you are riding your bike through the busy streets of Florida, your safety depends on your vigilance and adherence to the rules of the road. However, your safety is also heavily influenced by the judgment, vigilance and responsibility of motor vehicles around you.

If you end up in a predicament where you are hit by a car, the results could be life-altering. Understanding which hazards to watch for and raising your own awareness can help you to mitigate the risks of riding your bike and thus prevent avoidable accidents because you were able to recognize danger before it was too late.

Passing on the right

Regardless of the availability of a bike lane, if you are passing vehicles on the right, you should practice extra caution. While you may assume the right-of-way because you are on a bicycle and are in the appropriate area of the street, passing cars may be oblivious to your presence.

According to active.com, one risk of passing on the right is that a vehicle occupant will open his or her passenger door right into your path. There are also plenty of motorists who neglect to signal which direction they are turning and even though their blinker may not be on, they may make a right-hand turn right in front of you. Other hazards include distracted motorists drifting into your lane or appearing to stop for you when really, they are leaving a gap for a left-hand turner to come out from a parking lot or driveway.

Practicing vigilance

In each of the aforementioned scenarios, your awareness of your surroundings may help you to notice hazards before you end up colliding with a vehicle. Staying as alert and vigilant as possible requires you to eliminate distractions including noisy music or podcasts or the consumption of medications or alcohol that may prevent you from staying focused.