Any accident can potentially turn your world upside down. The stakes are even higher in a collision with a commercial or long-haul truck. According to a 2017 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 72% of those killed in a crash involving a truck were the occupants of another vehicle. Compare that with the 18% who were occupants of the truck. It is obvious who is at greatest risk on the road. 

Determining who is at fault in a trucking accident is critical if you are seeking damages after an injury. But it is sometimes difficult to know who to hold liable. Cases of driver intoxication or unsafe maneuvering may clearly indicate which party is at fault. However, in other circumstances, it is not always apparent where the responsibility lies. Having a legal team on your side can make all the difference after a trucking accident. The professional team at Tuttle Law, P.A. knows that crashes involving trucks are far different than an accident involving two passenger vehicles. 

Driver error is usually a contributing factor. Distracted, impaired or drowsy drivers cannot fully concentrate on the road. Additionally, dangerous behaviors such as reckless driving and speeding may also play a significant role in a trucking accident. However, many parties could share liability. The trucking company or loaders may have filled the truck past the legal weight limit. Body shops or mechanics that worked on the vehicle might be liable if the accident was due to shoddy workmanship or defective parts. 

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