Riding a bike is a healthy, sustainable way to get around Vero Beach, but it is not without its risks. Cyclists should go well out of their way to remain visible to motorists. 

Bicycling magazine offers up several ways that cyclists can better their chances of remaining visible. Increased visibility decreases the risk of an accident with a motor vehicle. 

Understand that drivers are not looking for cyclists 

One thing that cyclists should bear in mind is that most motorists do not expect to see people on bikes, which means that they are not looking for people on bikes. Usually, whenever a motor vehicle hits a bicyclist, the driver comments that she or he did not see the bicyclist. Defensive riding becomes essential to help cyclists make drivers aware of their presence and avoid accidents. Just like drivers, cyclists should be sure to avoid riding distracted, which means biking without earbuds and not using a smartphone. 

Always ride with lights or reflective materials 

No matter if it is day or night, bicyclists should ride with a light. During daylight hours, fluorescent lights are a cyclist’s best bet, mainly because drivers often quickly and easily recognize fluorescent lights. At night, cyclists should switch to reflective materials. The reason for the shift is that fluorescent lights do not work as well without sunlight. Reflective materials, on the other hand, appear in artificial light. Wearing reflective materials on the lower body creates moving lights at night, making it easier to catch a driver’s attention. 

It is impossible to avoid every biking accident. When bikers take more responsibility of their visibility and remain vigilant, they can better enjoy their ride.