For pedestrians, walking in busy cities is very dangerous at times due to hectic traffic and other risk factors. However, Tuttle Law, P.A. knows that pedestrians also face many risks on rural roads. In Florida, walking in a rural area is dangerous at times for a plethora of reasons. Inclement weather is a serious concern, especially when it comes to slick roads and a driver’s visibility. For example, fog, rain and other weather-related problems have caused many drivers to lose control of their vehicle or veer off of the road, hitting a pedestrian they were unable to see or avoid. 

There are many other accident risks that pedestrians face in rural areas. Sometimes, drivers on these roads are less attentive to pedestrians because they simply do not expect pedestrian traffic (as opposed to cities that have high levels of pedestrian traffic). A driver who does not expect people to walk alongside the road may cross over the line, especially while going around a sharp turn or driving up a very steep hill. Moreover, in rural areas, it is often more difficult for pedestrians to identify appropriate places to cross the road and many rural roads do not have sidewalks for people to walk on. 

Whether a pedestrian is hit in a rural area or in a bustling city, the consequences they face have the potential to completely disrupt their life. Broken bones and other physical injuries cause a significant amount of suffering. However, the financial and emotional toll of these accidents not only shatters lives but often causes long-term suffering. Please visit our page on accidents to read more about some of the legal strategies that are available to pedestrians struck by reckless drivers.