You were just passing the Barber Bridge when a car came out of nowhere and hit you. Before you could process what happened, the other driver left the scene. It can be hard to know what to do amid the whirlwind following a wreck, but keeping your head can make all the difference.

Drivers flee the scene of an accident up to 40 times a day in Florida. That leaves a lot of people behind, wondering what happened and how they’re going to recover. If you’re one of those people left dazed and confused, make sure you get to a safe place and start the process of getting the help you deserve.

Building a case

There are a few important steps to follow after a car accident:

  • Get over: Getting the plate number and the make of the car that hit you can be critical, but chasing after them will likely do more harm than good. The driver that hit you probably isn’t going to start driving safer now that they’re running from an accident, so your best bet is to pull over somewhere safe.
  • Make notes: Jot down everything you can think of before you get too distracted. When an accident has your head whirling and your adrenaline rushing, it can be hard to concentrate. Make sure you get any information in writing before the excitement runs away with crucial details.
  • Call 911: Contact the authorities right away to report the accident. Police can put any officers in the area on the lookout for the car that hit you, and they might be able to give you assistance. Now is also the best time to seek medical attention if you’ve been injured, for your own health and for linking your pain to the accident for eventual claims.
  • Gather evidence: See if anyone nearby saw the crash. Check with pedestrians in the area, people in nearby restaurants or see if any shop owners have outward-facing cameras. Any additional eyes that can support your side of the story may prove crucial when it comes time to prove negligence.

Knowing what to do after a hit-and-run accident can be hard as your emotions run high. Take a deep breath, stay safe and start building your case. Your actions right after the crash could make the difference when it comes time to build a case.