Biking is a great way to get around Florida and improve your health at the same time. Unfortunately, using a bike as a main mode of travel often increases your chances of becoming an accident victim. Knowing what those accidents are and the reasons behind them keeps you safe.

People Powered Movement took a close look at bike accidents in the U.S. Use their insights to avoid unnecessary injuries and incidents with motor vehicles.

Failing to yield

When drivers and bikers alike do not know how to share the road with each other, they may not know who yields to whom at intersections and on the road. Such knowledge gaps can lead to accidents.

Rider and driver distractions

Distracted drivers become hazards to pedestrians, other motorists, bikers, motorcyclists and practically everyone else on the road. Bikers who fail to make themselves clearly visible could find themselves struck by a car even if the driver looks down for just a second.

Additionally, bikers can ride distracted. Music makes a bike ride that much more enjoyable, but wearing earbuds or headphones can drown out the sound of an approaching car or other hazards. Just like drivers, bikers can also become distracted by carrying on a conversation hands-free while riding.

Poor road conditions

When cities fail to keep roads, especially those with bike lanes, in good repair, bikers are vulnerable to unnecessary injury.

Night biking

Besides not expecting to see bikers at night, drivers have an even harder time spotting night-time bikers when riders to not wear brightly colored or reflective clothing.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.