Accidents involving trucks on Florida roadways are often among the most devastating. Trucks are so much larger and heavier than other vehicles that during a crash, they often demolish the other vehicles involved. Due to this risk, it is important to ensure drivers and trucks are as safe as possible to prevent accidents. A new movement is looking at adding enhanced safety technology that could lead to a reduction in truck accidents, according to Forbes.

Whether you drive a truck or just drive alongside them on the roads, you should be able to appreciate the idea of safer trucks. There are many safety features that trucks could have added to help make them less likely to be in an accident.

This includes adjustments to the braking systems, such as automatic systems that will break for the driver if the system detects a crash could occur. It also includes different braking systems that allow for easier maintenance and perform at a higher level than traditional brakes.

Driver assist systems are also something encouraging. These systems can monitor the road and help a driver when needed. For example, a lane departure warning would let a driver know when he or she has left the intended lane of travel.

Monitoring systems are helpful as well. These systems allow you to watch over driver behavior. It can help employers to ensure drivers are being safe and doing what they should when out on the roads. These are projected to increase safety by quite a bit, possibly saving up to 293 lives a year. This information is for education and is not legal advice.